G.U.T. Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Transporte

Soepenberg provides its industrial customers with the full waste management including transport, container service, interim storage possibilities and organization of the entire logistics. Transports are planned and executed swiftly and reliably by Soepenberg’s subsidiary G.U.T., Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Transporte (corporation for environment and transports).



Perfect organization

To create smooth operation, the forwarding agency G.U.T. with a modern, versatile vehicle fleet, belongs to the Soepenberg Group. The combination of trade in agricultural products and industrial waste and shipping services is part of Soepenberg’s tradition: Shortly after the company was founded 60 years ago, Martinus Soepenberg, the founder’s brother (Jan Soepenberg), set up a company which operated with more than forty vehicles all over Europe.