Safety and quality

The Soepenberg Group has three different tank storage areas in Germany. Storage areas can be leased for a short time but also in the long term. Soepenberg Corporation has total tank storage capacity of about 60.000 m³ and warehouse storage of about 15.000 m². Soepenberg has the important certifications ISO DIN EN 9001:2008, Waste management company/ storage, treatment, recycling of waste and GMP+ B3(2007) and HaCCP.

Basically all materials of the water hazard class 1 can be stored at Soepenberg’s facilities. Tank capacities can be equipped accordingly for material that requires specific storage conditions. Our experts realize customer-specific requests by designing the appropriate technical solutions. Environmental and health safety are fundamentally important for our storage activities. To guarantee utmost safety we pay particular attention to it.

The storage locations

  • Hünxe
    10.500 m³ liquid products, size of the tanks starting from 50 to 1.800 m³, motorway, port

  • Nürnberg
    22.000 m³ for liquid products, sizes of the tanks starting from 1.800 to 2.500 m³, motorway, port, train

  • Braunschweig
    20.000 m³ for liquid products, tank sizes from 50 to 3.500 m³, motorway, port


Good connection 

The tank farm Braunschweig-Thune, also a former BP site, was taken over by Soepenberg in 2009 and has successfully established itself. Liquid substances are stored in ten tanks and delivery and pick-up is conducted via road and waterway. The storage has a good connection to infrastructure due to its berth for vessels. Truck traffic was significantly reduced due to this factor.