The Soepenberg Group has different warehouse storage areas in Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia of about 15.000 sqm. Storage areas can be leased for a short time but also in the long term. Soepenberg has the important certifications ISO DIN EN 9001:2008, Waste management company/ storage, treatment, recycling of waste and GMP+ B3(2007) and HaCCP.

Warehouse storage in detail

  • Hünxe, Germany
    Storage  facilities for solid matters on 7.000 m² roofed

  • Mieste, Germany
    Storage  facilities for solid matters on 4.000 m² roofed



Mieste is located in Saxony-Anhalt, about 80 kilometers northeast of Braunschweig. Solid substances are stored in this warehouse. Therefore it is the perfect addition to the liquid fertilizer storages in Braunschweig.