Leasing of storage areas and liquid product tanks

The Soepenberg Group leases spacious storage areas for liquid and solid products at sites which are conveniently located. Basically all materials of the water hazard class 1 can be stored at Soepenberg’s facilities. Tank capacities can be equipped accordingly for material that requires specific storage conditions. Our experts realize customer-specific requests by designing the appropriate technical solutions. Furthermore Soepenberg also offers treatment of industrial byproducts and appropriate and on schedule logistics.

The storage locations

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The nurnberg site

In 2013, Soepenberg took over a former BP site in Nurnberg. In the future fluid fertilizers will be stored here. The site is currently being developed. In addition to the storage facility in Braunschweig in the north of Germany Soepenberg will also have a future storage site in the south of the country. Both sites are about the same size. Roughly 25,000 cubic meters of fertilizers, acid and other material can be stored in Nurnberg on an area of about 1.5 hectare.