60 years at Soepenberg -
Sustainable products for agriculture and industry

Hünxe, 5 September 2014 – the Soepenberg Group celebrates its 60th anniversary. The trade in products for agriculture was the focus of activities when the Soepenberg Company was founded in the Netherlands 60 years ago. So far, this is still the company’s main field of work. Soepenberg is a specialist in high-quality fertilizers made of secondary raw material. Soepenberg professionally processes waste material of industrial production to valuable reusable material. The Soepenberg Company has eleven subsidiaries in Europe. The administrative headquarters are in Dronten and production and trade activities are controlled from Hünxe in Germany. Soepenberg currently has more than 80 employees, most of them working in Hünxe.

Company formation in the Netherlands

In 1954, Jan Soepenberg founded the company in Den Ham, The Netherlands. Gerrit Soepenberg, the founder’s brother, joined the company as a partner and managing director two years later. The company relocated to Dronten 10 years later. The trade in animal feed and potatoes were the main business activities of the company. The product line was complemented by fertilizers in the eighties.

In 1998, Richard Soepenberg, Jan Soepenberg’s son, joined the company and completely took over the company’s management in the following years. The trade concentrated more and more on fertilizers and in 2004, the company’s head office was relocated to Hünxe in Germany.

New sites in Germany and West and Central Europe

Storage sites were set up in Veendam, Braunschweig, Hakenstedt and Nuremberg in the following years. In addition sites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were established. Managing Director Richard Soepenberg about the development of the company: “Resource-friendly production of fertilizers and animal feed was already an issue for us when sustainability used to be an exotic term. We do not consider anything as waste as long as it still contains valuable nutrients or minerals. This used to be extremely important to my father and my uncle.” Tradition, innovation and sustainability are still the company’s main principles.

Timeline of the company’s history


New Soepenberg premises in Trnava 

The new Soepenberg headquarters in Trnava, Slovakia, is larger and more centrally located. The move into the prestigious building of a former bank had become necessary due to a lack of space. “We now have more room and better possibilities to realize our projects professionally,” says a pleased Chris Slagter, Managing Director of Soepenberg Slovakia. By now a total of 32 employees work for Soepenberg in Slovakia. In addition to Trnava there is a second Slovakian location in Zvolenská Slatina. Further Soepenberg’s Eastern European sites are located in the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Soepenberg supports research

The Soepenberg Group actively participates in research projects that examine possible fields of application of secondary raw materials. Alternative recovery and recycling of waste material help to save costs; prevent pollution and safeguard the natural world. Using his innovation voucher of the state for € 6,000 one student improved the reprocessing of mineral remainders from the soda-ash process in the course of his bachelor thesis. SF-Soepenberg GmbH and the institutes IHHP and A.U.G.E. were involved in the cooperation with College Niederrhein which came up to a total volume of € 19,000. The objective of the thesis was the characterization of the waste material lime lenses which are produced during soda-ash production and trying to find possible fields of application for further utilization. The findings will be integrated in the practical business process if possible.



Aktuelles-Scheckübergabe Kindergarten

Handing over the check

A check of 1,000 Euros was handed over to the children's home in Wesel (Evangelische Kinderheim e.V.). The money was collected during the Soepenberg company anniversary. Kai Eckert, manager of the children's home was very happy about the donation which will be used, among other things, for class trips and the purchase of bicycles.

From the left: Corinna Scheffer (SF), Richard Soepenberg, Kai Eckert, Susanne Ramacher (SF)