Solution for clumped waste material

This can happen in every manufacturing company: caked or clumped raw materials are no longer capable of flowing and cause malfunctions in conveying systems, hoppers and processing systems. In the worst case, this leads to production downtime and expensive waste disposal measures.

However, gentle treatment in the plant ensures that trouble-free use in the production process is possible once again. Waste material is returned to the recyclable material cycle in a resource-saving way. The sorting out of impurities is integrated in this process, if necessary by means of a metal detector. Upon customer request, rejects can be unpacked or additives such as flow additives can be added, even in small quantities.



Technical data

The processing plant in Hünxe processes an annual capacity of approximately 10,000 tons. The throughput per hour is 3 to 4 tons. The plant is operated in two shifts so that even large amounts can be managed on short notice. Depending on customer requirement, different  screens are used to clean the products.