Solutions for dry material

Soepenberg has a silo facility with a humidification mixer where free-flowing, dusty, granulated and grained goods as well as waste material can be processed. In this facility, dry and dusty material is humidified and mixed based on defined formulations. So, by means of different additives, the desired product and spreading quality and throwing power can be restored once again.

Full service and professional transportation

The material is delivered by silo trucks and then blown into the Soepenberg silo. It is mixed with the required additives by means of a screw conveyer and transported by tipper truck. The ready for use material can also be packed in Big Bags, if requested or can be put on a heap until required for further use. If desired, Soepenberg organizes all transports.


Technical data

The silo facility has a holding capacity of 45 cubic meters and a humidifier. Three to seven tons can be processed here per hour. The plant is operated in two shifts in order to reduce production losses for the customer as much as possible.