Waste is a recyclable material

Nowadays resource efficiency is the prerequisite for achieving economic success, the sustainable use of raw material an essential principle. The Soepenberg Corporation has specialized in this for many years. After expert treatment, waste from industrial production becomes recoverable and can flow back into the production cycle, thereby reducing costs, conserving resources and avoiding environmental damages.

Professional Treatment of Contaminated Material

Soepenberg operates a grinding, crushing and screening plant to treat solid, hardened and contaminated material of various types. This plant was developed based on the company’s long years of technical experience in this field. The result is a plant to grind, crush and screen a wide range of bulk material adapted to different product properties. The system is so flexible that adaptation to customer requirements is generally possible.



Wide range
of products

Soepenberg in Hünxe offers the following services for industrial companies: clumped material is made capable of flowing again; impurities are sorted out, metal residue is removed, rejects are unpacked and additives added. In this way, contaminated material can be returned to production with reasonable effort.