Cost-effective alternatives

Soepenberg deals in organic and mineral byproducts of different origins.

These byproducts contain valuable components which can be used to produce fertilizers or are employed directly as straight (single-constituent) fertilizer. So far this has mainly applied to the major nutrients such as nitrogen, 
phosphate, potassium and calcium, micronutrients and trace elements such as sulphur, magnesium, manganese and boron are increasingly used. In collaboration with farmers technical and logistical solutions are developed for application.

Our range of products:

  • NPK Fertilizer
  • Blended Fertilizer
  • Trace Element Fertilizer
  • Lime Fertilizer
  • Chemical Products
  • Potash Fertilizers
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer 

A wide range of products has been developed in close coordination with farmers and other experts in recent years. Today, Soepenberg is able to guarantee nutrient supply for every operational concept and provides its customers with comprehensive advice on product properties, possible application, storage and application of the fertilizer.




Fertilizers made of secondary raw material can be different from conventional fertilizers in terms of consistency and shape. This is why competent staff advise and if necessary support customers with respect to the storage and application of the products. Soepenberg also offers the application of some products by means of a specifically adapted technique. In this way, application costs can be reduced, an even application can be guaranteed and work peaks can be avoided.