Soepenberg was founded in the Netherlands in 1954. Several branches in Germany were set up.

Soepenberg is accredited to the environmental standard ISO-9001:2015 and also a specialist company for waste management according to § 56 Recycling Law. Today Soepenberg is primarily a commercial partner for industrial corporations.

Soepenberg’s Chief Executive Officers are Richard Soepenberg and Norbert Scholten.

Soepenberg Düngemittel, Futtermittel, Industrie, Lagerung, Transport

Head Office

In 2004, Soepenberg relocated its administration from Lelystad to Hünxe and its headquarter to Deventer. The move was necessary because the development of the fertilizer division required more storage capacities for liquid fertilizers. Apart from an existing infrastructure of tank farms, the location in Hünxe also offered an optimum connection for road and water transportation.